2017 Nebraska Rural Poll Reports

Individidual and Community Well-Being in Nonmetropolitan Nebraska
released November 29, 2017

Recent Census estimates reveal more Nebraska counties saw population growth during the past five years compared to the previous decade. However, many rural counties continue to experience population loss. And, while certain indicators have improved, farm income has continued to decline and is expected to hinder economic growth in the state. Given these challenges, how do rural Nebraskans feel about their community? Are they satisfied with the services provided by their community? How do they perceive the level of tolerance in their community? How do rural Nebraskans believe they are doing and how do they view their future? How satisfied are they with various items that influence their well-being? Have these views changed over the past 22 years? This paper provides a detailed analysis of these questions.

Media, Institutions and Voting: Perceptions of Nonmetropolitan Nebraskans 
released September 26, 2017

Today, people have many different sources of news. However, Americans have been increasingly distrustful of media as of late. And, while their confidence in other institutions had similarly declined in recent years, Gallup reported an uptick this year. Given all this, how much do rural Nebraskans trust various information sources? How much confidence do they have in various government institutions and systems? Do they favor various election law policies? Do they perceive any voting problems in last year’s election? This paper provides a detailed analysis of these questions.

Shopping for Food in Nonmetropolitan Nebraska 
released August 22, 2017

Grocery stores are an essential part of community life. Not only do they provide healthy food for residents, they may also serve as an economic and social hub for a community. However, grocery stores in rural communities face many challenges. Today’s mobile and connected society may mean residents no longer primarily shop where they live. Given this, from what types of stores are rural Nebraskans buying their food? How important are various characteristics when choosing the store where they do most of their food shopping? How do they rate the cost, quality and selection of various food items at that store? How far do they travel to the store? This paper provides a detailed analysis of these questions.

Perceptions of Agriculture and the Economy in Nonmetropolitan Nebraska 
released July 6, 2017

Agriculture plays a critical role in Nebraska’s economy. The agricultural economy has weakened during the past couple years which has impacted the state’s economy. Given these challenges, how closely are rural Nebraskans and their communities connected to agriculture? How concerned are they about current economic conditions? How do they rate this downturn compared to those of the past? This paper provides a detailed analysis of these questions.