2020 Nebraska Rural Poll Reports

Perceptions of Production and Animal Agriculture in Nonmetropolitan Nebraska

released October 12, 2020

Agriculture has and continues to play a critical role in Nebraska’s economy. A recent University of Nebraska-Lincoln study indicates that approximately one in four jobs in the state are related to agriculture. In addition, 48% of Nebraska farms have livestock or poultry operations. Given these conditions, how are rural Nebraskans connected to agriculture? How do they feel about the Livestock Friendly County designation and livestock development in the state? This paper provides a detailed analysis of these questions.

Well-Being in Nonmetropolitan Nebraska: 25 Years of Trends

released August 31, 2020

The past year has been a challenging one for Nebraska. Ongoing impacts from last winter’s bomb cyclone, coupled with low commodity prices and the impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, has increased stress and uncertainty throughout the state. Given these challenges, how do rural Nebraskans feel about their community? Are they satisfied with the services provided by their community? How do rural Nebraskans believe they are doing and how do they view their future? How satisfied are they with various items that influence their well-being? Have these views changed over the past 25 years? This paper provides a detailed analysis of these questions.

Resilience in Nonmetropolitan Nebraska: Capacity to Overcome Disasters and Hardships

released August 5, 2020

The definition of resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Synonyms include toughness, perseverance and grit. Last spring’s severe weather events and this year’s ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are likely testing the resilience of rural Nebraskans. Given that, how do rural Nebraskans rate their communities on dimensions that measure their resiliency? How confident are they that the federal government or local emergency management authorities can contain infectious disease outbreaks? How do they rate their ability to help their community handle adversities? How prepared are rural Nebraskans to deal with financial emergencies? This paper provides a detailed analysis of these questions.

Severe Weather in Nebraska: Impacts on Nonmetropolitan Nebraskans 

released July 16, 2020

In March 2019, a bomb cyclone produced a historic blizzard as well as flooding that impacted many counties in Nebraska. Given that, did rural Nebraskans experience extreme weather events or natural disasters in 2019? To what extent were they harmed by these weather events? What personal impacts did they experience? How concerned are they about weather events? This paper provides a detailed analysis of these questions.